Making wedding plans in the coming months, or know someone who is?  Want to simplify the reception planning a little bit and, at the same time, communicate to your guests
your support of the fight against cancer in young adults? 

Instead of providing "wedding favors" to each of your guests, provide each with an elegant announcement of your generosity and thoughtfulness.   

Simply make a donation to the Reid R. Sacco Memorial Foundation and we'll provide scrolls -- tied with a colored ribbon of your choice -- for each of your guests.  Meant to replace traditional wedding favors, the scrolls are a tasteful but more meaningful addition to each placesetting.  We'll also provide a framed version of the scroll for display.  

Each scroll announces that the bride and groom have honored their special day with an extra special gesture of kindness and charity.

Much like a bride and groom join together to create a new, unbounded future together, the Reid R. Sacco Memorial Foundation is joining with science and medicine to create a new future for young adults with sarcoma and other cancers. 

Your donation will benefit the Reid R. Sacco Memorial Cancer Research Fund. 

And you'll be telling your guests how committed you are to supporting the fight against a disease that steals the future from several thousand young adults and their families each year.   

For more information on these Charity Wedding Scrolls, contact Lorraine Sacco at 781-632-2025, or e-mail this website at