jail and bail - 2019.jpg

Someone has issued a warrant for your arrest!

You now have three choices:

  1. Participate in the big event! You can set up a time to surrender at MarketStreet Lynnfield (more information is below on what will happen at MarketStreet)

  2. Purchase an Immunity Card! By purchasing an immunity card you avoid arrest for the current and any future arrest warrants issued in your name.

  3. Opt out completely!  While all proceeds are being donated to the Reid R Sacco AYA Cancer Alliance, you can simply let us know you do not want to participate in any way.  

The choice is yours, only you can determine your fate!

Participate in the Big Event!

Fill on the form to the right to let us know what time we can expect you to surrender yourself at MarketStreet between 3pm and 7pm on May 30th. 

Once at "Jail" aka MarketStreet:

  1. Our honorable "judge" will set bails in amounts commensurate with the gravity and creativity of the "crime" you've been charged with. 

  2. You must meet bail in one of the following ways: you have the option to pay it personally, or you can plead your case to relatives, friends, colleagues, or even passers-by at MarketStreet to help you out (bail or portions of the bail can be paid with check, cash, or credit card (on site or online). 

  3. Once bail is met, you are free to go!


Purchase an Immunity Card

Click below to purchase an immunity card, which prevents you from being arrested on any existing and future warrants issued in your name!


Opt Out Completely

Simply let us know if you would like to opt out of participating in this years Jail & Bail!


Not being arrested?

You can still drop by and enjoy the festivities of the event! There will be music and refreshments, and a whole lot of fun watching friends, family and town officials sitting in "Jail" waiting to be bailed out!