Arrest Warrants

arrest warrants image.jpg
arrest warrants image.jpg

Arrest Warrants


Purchase "Arrest Warrants" for us to apprehend them and then watch as they sit in jail waiting to get bailed out.

How it works: 

  1. Purchase your "Arrest Warrants"
  2. Probably cause is assumed, and arrangements are made for the arrest of our "felons" - who will be brought to our "Jail" at MarketStreet Lynnfield during the event on May 3rd
  3. Once at "jail" our "judge" will set bails in amounts commensurate with the gravity and creativity of the "crime" you've charged them with. 
  4. The suspect must meet bail - he/she has the option to pay it personally, or they can plead their cases to relatives, friends, colleagues, or even passers-by at MarketStreet to help them out
  5. Once bail is met, the suspect is released. 

Warrants must be purchased by Wednesday, May 2nd!

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