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Always wanted to "arrest" someone for something they did?  Well now you can!  

Join us in this year's "Jail and Bail" - an event where you can raise money for AYA Cancers while charging your friends, family, or colleagues with the most creative offenses you can think of!

Was someone you know recently texting while walking?

Did you catch someone snoring during an important meeting?

Arrest them!

Purchase "Arrest Warrants" for us to apprehend them and then you get to watch while they sit in jail waiting to get bailed out.

How it works: 

  1. Purchase your "Arrest Warrants"

  2. Probable cause is assumed, and arrangements are made for the arrest of our "felons" - who will surrender at our "Jail" at MarketStreet Lynnfield during the event on May 30th.

  3. Once at "jail" our "judge" will set bails in amounts commensurate with the gravity and creativity of the "crime" you've charged them with.

  4. The suspect must meet bail - he/she has the option to pay it personally, or they can plead their cases to relatives, friends, colleagues, or even passers-by at MarketStreet to help them out

  5. Once bail is met, the suspect is released.

Warrants must be purchased by Wednesday, May 29th!

Arrest Warrants
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We are also selling Immunity Cards!

Think someone might request to have you "arrested"? Or do you know an "Arrest Warrant" has already been issued for you?  

For a small donation, you can obtain an immunity card and avoid being apprehended. 

Immunity Card
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Want to simply donate to the event but not participate?  If so, please click here to do so.

Not interested in purchasing arrest warrants?

You can still drop by and enjoy the festivities of the event! There will be music and refreshments, and a whole lot of fun watching friends, family and town officials sitting in "Jail" waiting to be bailed out!