About Reid

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Reid Sacco passed away in April 2005, at the age of 20, after a two-year battle with sarcoma.  In his short life, he inspired and touched an incredible number of people with his courage, perseverance, ambition, hope, humor, intelligence, humility, generosity, and kindness.  

He had many dreams for the future, but in the last few months of his life these dreams merged into one:  To beat his cancer so that he could finally go to Columbia University where he had been accepted just days before he was diagnosed in April 2003. 

Driven by his inspiration, we are carrying this dream forward to give to others, in the form a non-profit charitable organization that will support scholarship and research.   We have set up this organization, which we aptly call the "Reid R. Sacco AYA Cancer Alliance", in Reid's honor, to make sure that other young adults like Reid will never need to abandon their dreams of college and a long, healthy life ahead.   The Alliance will support those who aspire to excellence in education.  It will support research programs that aspire to conquer cancers like the one that took Reid's life.