Reid's Ride Basics

Reid's Ride Basics

The Event

If you don't know by now, Reid's Ride is a 28-mile bike-a-thon for cyclists of all ages and abilities.  Cyclists follow a scenic road route on a quiet summer Sunday morning from Lynnfield High School to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester where riders and supporters are greeted to food, refreshments, music, prizes and other festivities at a beautiful location overlooking the ocean.  The event is not a race, but riders are invited to cycle the route at whatever pace they wish to enjoy.  The route is moderately challenging depending on your cycling experience, but riders of nearly all ages and abilities have tackled Reid's Ride since its inception in 2005, with success!  Riders ride at their own pace, either trying to beat a personal best or casually enjoying the scenery and one another's company. All roads are paved and clearly marked and the scenery is quite remarkable. The route passes through a broad range of environments--everything from small neighborhoods and town centers, to rural countryside and past massive coastal estates. Later portions of the route run parallel to the ocean approaching Cape Ann. A facilities-equipped rest and refreshments stop will be set up in parking lot at Endicott College facing the ocean, at roughly the half-way point. 

The Purpose

Reid's Ride is the primary fund-raising event to benefit the Reid Sacco AYA Cancer Fund.  The fund provides financial support to select clinicians, researchers, and programs around the world working on finding better treatments--and someday a cure--for the cancers predominantly striking adolescents and young adults.  Proceeds come from registration fees, rider fund-raising, individual donors, and generous donations and sponsorships from local businesses. 

The Inspiration

The event is named in honor of Reid Sacco, who lost his life to cancer at age 20.  Shortly before he passed away, when he was still hopeful that he'd be able to beat the disease, he aspired to ride in an event to raise money to support research in young adult cancer like his.   He never lived to achieve that aspiration, so his family and friends established a Foundation in his name, and launched Reid's Ride as a way carry on that aspiration for him.

The Commitment

To make sure that anyone who wants to participate in this wonderful event can do so, we've kept the fees and fund-raising requirements very affordable.  We make it very easy to raise support for your ride, and very easy to register.  The Ride itself takes just a little bit of your time, and we've tried to make everything as simple and easy as possible.  The cost to register is just $50.00, and we ask all riders to collect a minimum of $125.00 in donations from family and friends to support your dedicated effort that day.  Our special site makes fund-raising pages quick and easy to create, for emailing and Facebooking to family, classmates, colleagues, and friends.  Those riders who are also registered to ride in the year's PanMass Challenge are only required to pay the registration fee.